Since working with Arctic Grey the new breed centric UX product page approach increased the average conversion rate from 1.8% to a whopping 3.4% as well as increased user retention by 57% through a “subscription first” user experience design.

The goal with Bark

Arctic Grey partnered with Bark to create a modern shopping experience focused on busy, mobile shoppers - ensuring that the subscription-first approach was well integrated. To help bring their vision to life, we relied on our breed-centric strategy so customers would have an exceptionally relatable and personalised touchpoint in every interaction they had with the brand. Our dual firsts ensured customer satisfaction while providing them unprecedented convenience!

The Challenge

The breed-centric approach meant building countless user flows. For example, Labrador owners would start their journey by selecting labrador as their dog breed, triggering their entire shopping experience with Bark. The user has now entered an E2E (End to End) Labrador experience from the home page to the product page, cart drawer upsells, post-purchase labrador-focused surveys, remarketing ad designs, emails, and SMS all labrador branded design and messaging. In addition to this, any and all customer support & customer experience interactions were... you guessed it, all labrador based graphics & messaging.

This same methodology is the same for every breed, whether adult or puppies. If you have a cute little puppy pit bull, your E2E experience will be adorable little puppy pit bulls from the shopping journey to the ads you see on Instagram.

A diverse range of action

Arctic Grey partnered with Bark to create an emersive breed centric experinece on mobile and desktop devices with the goal to encourage users to setup a monthly subscription. In the mix of things, we also created a frictionless checkout process designed to maximize conversions. Utilizing our expertise, we helped improve the user experience while driving AOV by identifying upsell opportunities in the subscription funnel that would surprise and delight customers. The end result? Improved CR & AOV.

  • Mobile First: After an extensive analysis of customer data and insights from the Bark team, it was abundantly clear that we had to go with a mobile first approach. Through rigorous A/B Testing and data evaluation, we narrowed down a mobile experience that ensured for optimum performance.

  • Subscription First: Retaining customers is a key component to business success and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) can provide insight on how best to maximize the value of each customer by focusing resources towards building long-term relationships. By evaluating total average revenue generated as well as profit, we were able to gain valuable insights needed for smarter user acquisition decisions. The subscription first model inherently increases CLV drastically, so the A/B testing was deeply focused on refinements and tweaks to drive more subscriptions over one-time purchases.

  • Breed Centric: We took great care to give each customer a tailored experience. We crafted an end-to-end breed specific shopping journey which ensured that no matter what page the user visited or feature they used, the right message was delivered at all times - from first introduction through abandoned cart email! This breed centric approach enabled us to craft unique user flows and remarketing ad designs that resonated strongly with this community of dog lovers.

  • Site Speed: Website loading speed is a major factor in determining your conversion rate – too slow and customers will be more likely to bounce, resulting in missed opportunities. Our research shows that by improving load speeds by just one second you can reap an impressive 17% increase in conversions. Our mission was to guarantee outstanding, high-speed performance on both desktop and mobile platforms. Our efforts were officially rewarded with awe-inspiring site speed results.

Engineering each solution

Arctic Grey has taken an innovative approach to customer experience. We conducted research that pinpointed areas of confusion around our product offering, allowing us to make adjustments and improvements for the user journey - so customers shopping for subscriptions can have a more engaging experience. Our findings will serve as guidance in developing future projects moving forward.

During the project, we provided and continue to provide the following services and support:

  • Product Development

  • Subscription Automation

  • Full Responsive Experience

  • Site Speed Optimization

  • Core Web Vitals Management

  • 24/7 On Demand Support

  • Custom Upsell Cart Drawer

  • CRO & AOV Optimizations

  • E2e Shopping Experience

“Their immense knowledge of Shopify Plus and exceptional communication skills, accompanied by a can-do attitude made Arctic Grey a fantastic partner.”

Nari Sitaraman

Chief Technology Officer
Bark Box

The Outcome

With the introduction of our phase-based updates, Bark's user experience has seen tremendous improvement with substantial increases in conversions! To enhance this success even further, we are meticulously logging interactions between users and our site via heat mapping compiled with custom reporting. This valuable data gives us an inside look into how customers interact on the platform - allowing us to make targeted A/B testing decisions for optimal outcomes.

To continually provide our customers with new dog breeds and experiences, we are diligently working to perfect a scalable process. We understand how critical it is not only to create an outstanding customer experience but also craft efficient administrative tools that conveniently enable us to add more breeds and intricate workflows while keeping the usability flawless.

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“Their immense knowledge of Shopify Plus and exceptional communication skills, accompanied by a can-do attitude made Arctic Grey a fantastic partner.”

Nari Sitaraman

Chief Technology Officer

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