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Arctic Grey

Arctic Grey is a highly acclaimed Shopify Plus Design & Development Firm that delivers exceptional eCommerce solutions to enterprise clients worldwide. Boasting over 500 five-star reviews and dozens of awards, they play a pivotal role in helping merchants achieve remarkable success, amassing more than $1.5 billion in online sales. As a leader in bespoke theme development and store creation, Arctic Grey ensures vibrant, trustworthy results for every project.

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Case Studies

Arctic Grey has been part of migrating countless eCommerce stores from Magento to Shopify; Here are some Case Studies:

Apps we used:

Apps we used:

An iconic Shopify Store
designed and built for The
Cashmere Sale

“The Cashmere Sale has been working with Arctic Grey for the past 5 years. Over the years Arctic Grey has done a great job of creating exactly what we visioned while constantly refining and improving every detail.”

Samantha Ferroggiaro

The Cashmere Sale

Apps we used:

Apps we used:

An elegant Shopify Store
designed and built for EBY by Sofia Vergara.

“Working with AG was a truly top-notch experience. From start to finish, they made sure everything ran smoothly and professionally - we couldn't be happier!”

EBY by Sofia Vergara

Marketing Manager

Apps we used:

Apps we used:

A dynamicly personalized Shopify Store developed & maintained for Bark.

“Their immense knowledge of Shopify Plus and exceptional communication skills, accompanied by a can-do attitude made Arctic Grey a fantastic partner.”

Nari Sitaraman

Chief Technology Officer

Page Types

You can select from an array of page types from the list below:

01. Home Page

The gateway to your store. The Home Page serves as an immediate reflection of your brand, showcasing top products and highlighting essential services. A strategically placed call-to-action guides visitors towards their next step.

02. Product pages

Detailed pages dedicated to individual products, ensuring customers have every bit of information they need. Seamlessly designed, each page nudges visitors closer to purchase with a conspicuous call-to-action. Remember, each unique Product Template is counted as a distinct page, giving you the flexibility of multiple templates.

03. Collection pages

These pages are curated spaces for related products, simplifying the browsing process for potential buyers. Clarity and organization are paramount, with each Collection Template counting as a unique page.

04. My Account Page

A personal hub for customers, the My Account Page offers an overview of order histories, account details, and a portal to manage personal data.

05. Contact Page

Bridge the gap between business and customer. The Contact Page invites inquiries, feedback, or any communication, ensuring visitors always have a line to you.

06. Shopping Cart Page

A critical juncture in the shopping journey. The Shopping Cart Page displays chosen products and offers easy modifications, ensuring a frictionless path to checkout.

07. Upsell Cart Drawer

Maximize sales potential. As customers select items, the Upsell Cart Drawer suggests related or complementary products, enticing further purchases.

08. Blog Page

Your platform for stories, expertise, and insights. Regularly updated, the Blog Page establishes authority and fosters a connection with readers around topics close to your brand.

09. FAQ Page

The solution center. By addressing frequent inquiries, the FAQ Page offers swift clarity to visitors, reducing barriers to purchase.

10. Legal policy page

Transparency is key. This page delineates terms of service, privacy norms, return protocols, and other policies, ensuring you're aligned with legal standards and building trust.

11. Testimonials & Reviews Page

A space where prospective buyers can see feedback from past customers, establishing credibility and trust.

12. About Us Page

Dive deep into your brand's story, ethos, and mission. Helps customers connect on a more personal level.

13. Events & Webinars Page

Promote upcoming events or webinars related to your products, industry, or other relevant topics.

14. Gift Card Page

Facilitate gifting options, letting customers purchase and send gift cards to loved ones.

15. Affiliate & Partnerships Page

Provide details for potential affiliates or partners interested in collaborating with your brand.

16. Wholesale Inquiries Page

For businesses or individuals interested in bulk orders, providing terms and a method for inquiries.

17. Press & Media Page

Host press releases, media kits, and notable mentions of your brand in the media.

18. Careers Page

Showcase job openings, company culture, and benefits, inviting potential candidates to join your team.

19. Customer Support Page

A dedicated page offering multiple avenues of support, be it chat, email, or phone, ensuring customer queries are addressed efficiently.

20. Guides & Tutorials Page

Offer customers how-to guides or tutorials related to your products, enhancing usability and post-purchase satisfaction.

Advanced Features & Functions

You can select from an array of Advanced Features and Functions from the list below:  

  • Must have
  • B2B
  • Social media
  • Store Management
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Shipping

02Customer reviews and ratings:

Allowing customers to leave reviews and ratings on products can help build trust, increase conversions, and improve customer satisfaction.


04Abandoned cart recovery:

Automated abandoned cart recovery emails can help recover lost sales and increase conversion rates.


06Customizable checkout:

Customizing the checkout process, such as adding a progress bar, can improve the overall user experience and reduce cart abandonment.


07Customer account pages:

Providing customers with their own account pages, where they can view their order history, manage their personal information, and more, can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


09Mobile optimization:

Optimizing your store for mobile devices can improve the overall user experience for customers who prefer to shop on their smartphones.


10Abandoned browse recovery:

Similar to abandoned cart recovery, abandoned browse recovery can help recover lost sales by sending targeted email campaigns to customers who have shown interest in specific products.


11One click post purchase upsells:

Allowing customers to easily add related or complementary products to their order with just one click can increase AOV.


16Klaviyo integrations:

Integrating with Klaviyo, a powerful email marketing platform, can help you send targeted and automated email campaigns to increase conversions and customer loyalty.


18Bulk order discounts:

Offering bulk order discounts can encourage customers to purchase more items, increasing AOV.


20Advanced analytics and reporting:

Access to advanced analytics and reporting can help you better understand your customers, improve your marketing strategies, and increase conversions and customer loyalty.


23Product Compare Feature:

Allow users to juxtapose products side-by-side, ensuring informed purchase decisions.


24AB Testing:

Empower data-driven decisions by testing variations and measuring performance.


25Heat Mapping:

Visualize where users engage most on your site to optimize design and placement.


26Advanced Analytics Integrations:

Dive deep into user behavior with insightful metrics to refine user experience.


28Inventory, Warehousing, and Shipping Customizations:

Provide an adaptable back-end system for precise stock and delivery management.


29Pick Shipping Day Calendar & Customized Shipping Rules:

Offer users flexibility in choosing delivery dates and customize rules based on product or region.


31Loyalty and Rewards Programs:

Incentivize repeated business with compelling rewards for loyal customers.


32Custom App/Shopify Function Development:

Enhance the platform's capabilities and offer unique, customizable product previews like the "Athlete Frame.


34Try it on Feature:

Enable users to virtually "try on" products for a personalized shopping experience.


35Quick View:

Streamline user browsing with an instant overview of product details.


36Mystery/Surprise Boxes:

Surprise and delight customers with curated boxes of mystery items.


37B2B Integration:

Expand your market by integrating tools and features tailored for business-to-business transactions.


38Find "Practitioner" Page:

Direct users to a dedicated page for locating and engaging with practitioners.

Want something more?

If you want a full custom build, Arctic Grey does provide fully custom builds where you get end-to-end control of every aspect of your online store development as well as administrative and workflow support, which typically ranges between $60k - $120k.

“We've been working with Arctic Grey for about 3.5 years now and it has allowed us the flexibility, speed, and cost savings to maintain a team without an on-site developer. The turn around times are typically always within 24 hours, sometimes even faster, and the work done is always phenomenal.” 

Jake Allen
Chief Operating Officer

“Their immense Knowledge of Shopify Plus and exceptional communication skills, accompanied by a can-do attitude made Arctic Grey a fantastic partner.” 

Nari Sitaraman
Chief Technology Officer

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