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Moving to a new house can be daunting. Deciding to move is just the first step; the real challenges come when you start planning. You'll need to figure out what to move first, how to pack things safely, what kind of truck to use, and how quickly you can leave your old place.

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Migrate everything from D2C, B2B, Wholesale, and Point of Sale (POS).






Product variants limit


Shopify Combined Listings app


Standardized product taxonomy


Reusable theme blocks


B2B sales rep permissions


Fulfillable inventory


Checkout Extensibility


Web performance dashboard


Customer Account Extensibility


Shopify Audiences


Shop Campaigns




AI-powered image editing

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The best-converting checkout on the planet

Back your business with Shop Pay—the one-click checkout that's built to convert.

Shopify Plus is the world's most scalable and robust platform

Sell across 20 channels without custom code

Deliver blazing-fast service with 99.99% uptime

Integrate third-party systems with an open API

Customize your front end with limitless possibilities

Leverage and experiment quickly with 10000+ apps

Get 24/7 global priority technical support

Rest secure in a cloud-based solution with zero update or security headaches


More and more enterprise-level brands are making the switch from Magento Community and Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus.

Instead of easiest tasks, we prioritize core functionalities like product data and payment gateways, guaranteeing a smooth and revenue-generating migration.


Prioritization According to Business Requirements

Instead of easiest tasks, we prioritize core functionalities like product data and payment gateways, guaranteeing a smooth and revenue-generating migration.

“The biggest problem we had, in one word: instability. We didn’t trust the back platform. [The launch] was supposed to be a huge day for us, but we let our customers down. It didn’t matter that it was Magento’s fault. It’s our brand, and customers blamed us, which really hurt. The great thing about Shopify Plus is the fact we fundamentally trust the platform. We can go into Black Friday and not worry about the website crashing.”

Ben Francis

Founder, Gymshark

Mobile optimization

Shopify themes and templates are responsive on any device.

When customers browse your store on a smartphone or tablet, its design automatically changes to optimize the mobile experience. The Shopify Theme Store includes over 100 free and premium themes, each designed to display beautifully on any screen size.


To a build a custom enterprise online store with Shopify Plus, all you need is knowledge of HTML, CSS,

Managing even basic content on Magento 2 demands in-depth knowledge of the platform architecture.

Total Control

Control all your business with Shopify’s suite of customizable and extensible solutions.

Obsessed with performance

Lightning-fast online store and world’s best-converting checkout.


You can add up to 100 themes to your Shopify account to try out any new themes.

Global and omnichannel

Shopify enables ecommerce on any social network, blog, app, or third-party marketplace.

Shopify Plus customers can list, sell, and manage their products on over 20 sales channels like Facebook, Messenger, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as popular marketplaces like eBay, Houzz, Ebates, and Wanelo.


Strong brands 🤝require a relationship built on trust.

Customers must feel safe and secure when transacting with your brand. For this reason, security is fundamental to ecommerce.


Shopify Plus is focused on speed. Because we remove the need to worry about ecommerce architecture, hosting, and security, deployments typically take 2–4 months


Shopify Plus removes the need for upgrades, patches, and point releases.

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“Shopify Plus support and my launch engineer have been incredible. He answered emails, Slack messages, and smoke signals typically within minutes and in the middle of the night. His guidance and advice were crucial to our success. I smile knowing I never have to perform another ‘critical security patch’ or pay the equivalent of a mortgage on a small beachside vacation home each year for server space.”

Alex Cranmer

VP, International Military Antiques


Support is another major point of consideration. 

Shopify Plus offers the industry’s largest network of support—including an expert team of launch engineers, solution engineers, front-end deveoper, and dedicated support staff—

Launch Engineers
Solution Engineers
Front-End Developer
Dedicated Support Staff


To a build a custom enterprise online store with Shopify Plus, all you need is knowledge of HTML, CSS,

Managing even basic content on Magento 2 demands in-depth knowledge of the platform architecture.

Solutions partners:

Designers and developers that specialize in Shopify Plus themes, app integration, and customization

Technology partners:

eCommerce tools, providers, and integrations that extend the value of Shopify Plus to our merchants

Agency partners:

Full-service agencies that offer a comprehensive suite of creative, marketing, and development services

Our Process


They say an idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan. But what if we can do both? Team up with Arctic Grey & get paired with your new team that specializes in all things Commerce, and create a plan of action for world domination.


Steve Jobs said design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Partner with Arctic Grey to build an intuitive user experience designed to improve conversion rates & average order values.


Your online store is the heart of your business - don't let bad development slow you down. Let our Shopify experts take the reins on development so you can focus on your customer experience, not your back end. 🍑


We have created a deployment process to launch everything from complex feature upgrades to brand new site builds via Github for perfect version control. No more, “oops! that update broke something on the live site!”

A/B Testing

Take the guess work out of everything! A/B Testing is the cheat code to success. Let us help you make decisions backed by data, showing you what changes actually work and what doesn't.

What data do we transfer?

No entity left behind! Migrate your entire store, from products and customers to orders and content, from Magento 1 or 2 to Shopify or Shopify Plus


CMS pages




Gift Cards and Coupons


SEO Preservation

Customer Groups



Recurring Payments

Not Our First Rodeo

Arctic Grey has supported some of the worlds most trusted brands in their migration from Magento to Shopify, including their D2C, B2B, Wholesale, and Point of Sale (POS). operations.

Built with Shopify Customizer

Shopify's versatile customization capabilities empower you to edit and update your site easily without needing to be so reliant on developers for everything.

Unique cart drawer, No coding required.

Fully customizable landing pages.

Customize the product page the way you want.

“Their immense knowledge of Shopify Plus and exceptional communication skills, accompanied by a can-do attitude made Arctic Grey a fantastic partner.” 

Dyandra Raye
The Cashmere Sale

The team at Arctic Grey worked with us at Woodland Essence to rebuild our Shopify website after our original developer moved on. Throughout the design, development, and launch phases, Anthony and his team were consistently supportive. We're excited to continue collaborating with them as we evolve our site to cater to our customers' dynamic needs.

Tom Giammaria
Woodland Essence

Our team at Arctic Grey excelled in understanding and assisting with the overall vision we aimed to achieve during this re-platforming and redesign journey. They are a fantastic Shopify development company, and we plan to continue using their services for post-launch support.

Howard Wyner
Oshēn Salmon

Working with Arctic Grey has been a fantastic experience. They have been so helpful and knowledgeable about everything and have always been extremely responsive and great communicators. We immensely appreciate all of their help on our project.

Ken Leung
Ken & Dana Design

The Multi Award Winning Shopify Management Team at Arctic Grey

Brooke Sanderson

Merchant Success Director

Jake Amos

Director of Business Development

Truc Peter

Senior Success Manager

Autumn Nguyen

Senior Success Manager

Anthony Spallone

Director of Operations

Thiara Fernández

Senior eCommerce Manager

Vanessa Esquinazi

Junior eCommerce Manager

Hugo Silva

Solutions Engineer

Maddie Schwartz

Senior Success Manager

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Migration Case Studies

Arctic Grey has helped numerous eCommerce stores move from Magento to Shopify, and every single migration has been a success. Store owners have experienced improvements like higher conversion rates, increased average order values, better customer retention, faster website speeds, quicker updates, and a dramatic decrease in technical issues - in some cases, they've seen all these benefits.

Apps we used:

Apps we used:

An iconic Shopify Store
designed and built for The
Cashmere Sale

“The Cashmere Sale has been working with Arctic Grey for the past 5 years. Over the years Arctic Grey has done a great job of creating exactly what we visioned while constantly refining and improving every detail.”

Samantha Ferroggiaro

The Cashmere Sale

Apps we used:

Apps we used:

An elegant Shopify Store
designed and built for EBY by Sofia Vergara.

“Working with AG was a truly top-notch experience. From start to finish, they made sure everything ran smoothly and professionally - we couldn't be happier!”

EBY by Sofia Vergara

Marketing Manager

Apps we used:

Apps we used:

A dynamicly personalized Shopify Store developed & maintained for Bark.

“Their immense knowledge of Shopify Plus and exceptional communication skills, accompanied by a can-do attitude made Arctic Grey a fantastic partner.”

Nari Sitaraman

Chief Technology Officer

Arctic Grey: A Game-Changer for Shopify Plus Development

"To start off, our company does not have on-site technical hires, making working in the e-commerce space difficult for any technical developments, web changes, and beyond. This meant any developments would take a significant amount of time and investment whenever a change needed to be made. When our team discovered Arctic Grey, our view of on site developments and development help changed drastically. We've been working with their team for about 1.5 years now and it has allowed us the flexibility, speed, and cost savings to maintain a team without an on-site developer. The turn around times are typically always within 24 hours, sometimes even faster, and the work done is always phenomenal. Our team would recommend Arctic grey to any other company needing the highest quality and quickest turnaround in terms of site developments."

Jacob Allain

Chief Operating Officer - State and Liberty

Arctic Grey: Rescuing The Cashmere Sale with Shopify Plus Development

"Arctic Grey's swift intervention was a game-changer for The Cashmere Sale. We found ourselves in a precarious situation when our previous developers abruptly abandoned our custom website project. Thankfully, Arctic Grey seamlessly stepped in, picking up where others left off without a hitch. Their ability to troubleshoot and address our challenges was nothing short of impressive, giving us renewed confidence in the project's success.

Their incredible attention to detail and project dedication left us in awe. Timeliness and communication were unparalleled throughout our partnership, ensuring that every step of the way, we felt well-informed and supported. Arctic Grey's commitment to our project blew away our expectations, and we are now on year five of our continued collaboration.”

Samantha Ferroggiaro

Assistant Director of Stores & Operations at The Cashmere Sale

Arctic Grey: A Truly Transformative Partner for Peanuts' Success on Shopify

"The Peanuts team worked on the Snoopy & Charlie Brown Shopify Store with Arctic Grey and had an outstanding experience. We've been partnering with Arctic Grey for a while now, and it has transformed the way we operate our online store. The flexibility, speed, and quality they offer have been nothing short of exceptional.

We wholeheartedly recommend Arctic Grey to any company in need of top-notch e-commerce expertise, the quickest turnaround times, and outstanding development support. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Arctic Grey and can't wait to see how they will contribute to our future projects. If you're considering working with them, don't hesitate – you won't be disappointed!”

Michael Carlisle

Principal @ The Wildflower Group

Arctic Grey: Exceptional Shopify Plus Partner for BarkBox

"Arctic Grey has consistently proven to be a remarkable partner in our e-commerce journey at BarkBox. Their exceptional knowledge of Shopify Plus has been instrumental in transforming our online presence and optimizing our platform for success. From the very beginning, their expertise shone through, and it's clear that they have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the platform.

What truly sets Arctic Grey apart is their exceptional communication skills. They don't just excel in technical aspects; they also possess a unique ability to convey complex ideas and solutions in a clear and accessible manner. This made the collaboration process incredibly smooth and productive, as we were always on the same page."

Nari Sitaraman

Bark Box - Chief Technology Officer

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