EBY has experienced impressive results such as an 86% increase in conversions, a 46% uptick in return customers and a 21% average order value improvement. To top it off, their site speed improved by 105%, delighting online shoppers with snappy performance.

About EBY by Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara's co-founded EBY which is disrupting the underwear industry. By offering a convenient subscription-based service, over 20,000 customers are getting access to premium quality undergarments directly from their doorsteps. Not only does this business model provide convenience for women everywhere; it also has an altruistic purpose of helping empower economically disadvantaged women by donating 10% of proceeds through microfinance loans and support programs.

The Challenge

Arctic Grey efficiently and successfully managed the complex challenge of transferring over 70,000 monthly subscribers from Magento to Shopify. This included crucial tasks such as migrating customer data, sales history, products & inventory, and customer service notes - ensuring a smooth transition without any disruption or inconvenience for customers.

A diverse range of action

Arctic Grey partnered with EBY to create a frictionless checkout process and maximize conversions. Utilizing our expertise, we helped improve the user experience while driving AOV by identifying upsell opportunities in the subscription funnel that would surprise and delight customers. The end result? More successful purchases!

  • Leveraging Analytics: After an extensive analysis of customer data and insights from the EBY team, Arctic Grey produced a comprehensive audit of existing development to uncover areas for improvement in user flow.

  • Shoppable Collections: Arctic Grey recognized an opportunity to revamp the collection page purchase flow, and conducted a rigorous audit of subscription underwear services to create an optimal customer experience.

  • Autopilot: We uncovered innovative solutions that streamlined the customer experience, ensuring a smooth journey with minimum effort.

Engineering each solution

Arctic Grey has undertaken an extensive development process to enhance customer understanding and experience, starting with their subscription flow. We conducted research that helped us identify the points of confusion around the product offering and subsequently improved the user experience. The resulting changes will guide future development adjustments - paving a path for better engagement with clients shopping for subscriptions.

  • Product Development

  • Subscription Automation

  • Full Responsive Experience

  • Site Speed Optimization

  • Core Web Vitals Management

  • 24/7 On Demand Support

  • Custom Upsell Cart Drawer

  • CRO & AOV Optimizations

  • Autopilot Shopping Experience

Arctic Grey put forth an outstanding effort to ensure the success of a monumental task. With tireless dedication and hard work, they created results that not only fulfilled expectations but surpassed them - truly remarkable!

EBY by Sofia Vergara

The Outcome

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the user experience on EBY by Sofia Vergara, we’ve seen remarkable successes with conversions following phase-based updates. To build upon these learnings and refine that success further, we are actively engaging in A/B testing and tracking users' engagement thoroughly via heat mapping software – giving us valuable insight into how they interact with our site.

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