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Time Doctor for
Complite Transparency for 
project management

GitHub for Flawless
Version Vontrol

Dedicated Slack Channels 
for Collaboration

Weekly Video Standups
On Google Meet

The world’s most innovative brands 🤝 work with Arctic Grey

Gamify Your Cart Drawer

Must Have

Fully Custom Product Templates

Site Speed & Performance Gains

ERP Integration & Automation

Do the things you’ve dreamed of doing with your Shopify Store.

When you purchase Bulk Hours, you unlock instant access to our award-winning team of Shopify UX & UI Designers and Shopify Obsessed Engineers, ready to bring your dream Shopify store to life.

Whether it's enhancing site speed, integrating ERP connectors, or designing marketing pages for A/B testing, CRO, and AOV user flow improvements, our team is on hand to fulfill all your Shopify needs.

Weekly Video Standups & a Dedicated Team Slack Channel

Weekly video standups keep you and your team aligned and accountable, driving consistent progress on your projects.

A dedicated Slack channel facilitates instant communication and collaboration, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged. This is vital for efficiently meeting deadlines and bringing your projects to successful completion.

Perfect Version Control and Workflows

At Arctic Grey, we employ GitHub to provide you with flawless version control, meticulously tracking and managing every code change in your Shopify store to prevent conflicts and errors.

Additionally, by utilizing for project management, we streamline workflows and enhance collaboration within your team, ensuring your projects are executed efficiently and delivered on schedule.

The Flexibility of Bulk Hours

Bulk Hours are designed to bring your vision to life!

Best of all, your Bulk Hours offer ultimate flexibility—they never expire! If you purchase 30 hours and use just 8 in the first month, your remaining 22 hours are securely stored in your Bulk Hours Bank.

You can use them anytime in the future, whether is weeks, months, or even years later.

Explore the Boundless
Possibilities with Bulk Hours

Shopify Theme Customizations
Site Speed Improvements
Conversion Rate Optimizations
Video Tutorials showing you how to do X
Full Site Audits & Recommendations
Workflow Automation
Landing Page Design & Development
Private & Public App Installations
Emergency Site Fixes
Responsive Design Improvements
Task Automation Development
User Flow Improvements
Subscription & Recurring Payments for Products
Pre Purchase Upsell Setup & Configuration
Post Purchase Upsell Setup & Configuration
Private App Development for your Shopify Store
Custom Design & Development
General Tech Support
Consultation & Brain Storming
Phone / Video Conferences

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We back our services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will rectify the issue at no extra cost or offer a full refund, no questions asked. Your success is our success.

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Start with a Shopify UX & UI Audit

This UX & UI Audit Package is designed to target the most essential pages pertaining to overall sales, and enhance overall user experience, to improve conversion rates (CRO), increase average order value (AOV), and grow customer lifetime value (CLV).

Speed Plus Shopify Optimizations

Faster sites are statistically proven to have better conversion rates, which generally means more sales. Just a 1-Second Faster Load Time Can Increase Conversions by 7%. Get faster speeds for more sales and fewer lost visitors.
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🎮 Gamify Your Cart Drawer

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