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We are multi-award winning Shopify Plus Design & Development Firm.

Arctic Grey helps Enterprise Shopify Plus Merchants with everything from custom built site optimizations to brand new eCommerce design & development from scratch. We've supported more than 1,000 Shopify stores, covering D2C, B2B, Wholesale, and Point of Sale (POS).

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  • Arctic Grey - Team
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Exceptional E-Commerce Solutions
Hey, we're Arctic Grey
Shopify Plus Design
Arctic Grey Feedback from client - Five Star Reviews
Arctic Grey Feedback from client - Five Star Reviews
Arctic Grey Feedback from client - Five Star Reviews
Arctic Grey Feedback from client - Five Star Reviews

The World’s Most Innovative Brands 🤝 Work with Arctic Grey

Arctic Grey has helped merchants generate more than $1.5 billion in revenue, in both private & public sectors, and received 28 Commerce Awards and over 500 five-star reviews in the process.

Complete Shopify Tasks Quickly with Bulk Hours

The Multi Award Winning Management Team at Arctic Grey

Jake Amos

Director of Business Development

Brooke Sanderson

Merchant Success Director

Anthony Spallone

Director of Operations

Autumn Nguyen

Senior Success Manager

Truc Peter

Senior Success Manager

Hugo Silva

Solutions Engineer

Vanessa Esquinazi

Junior eCommerce Manager

Thiara Fernández

Senior eCommerce Manager

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Fully Custom Product Templates

Site Speed & Performance Gains

ERP Integration & Automation

Complete Shopify Tasks Quickly with Bulk Hours

Get immediate access to on-demand Shopify teams of award-winning Shopify designers & developers who are ready to assist with all of your Shopify needs.

From site speed improvements, landing page design & custom Shopify app development, to user & workflow automation and more, the versatility of Bulk Hours lets you distribute your time across multiple services as you see fit.

Weekly Video Standups & a Team Slack Channel

Weekly Video Standups ensure continuous alignment and accountability among team members, directly contributing to the on-track progress of projects.

Dedicated Slack Channels facilitate instant communication and collaboration, keeping everyone informed and engaged, which is crucial for meeting deadlines efficiently.

Perfect Version Control and Workflows

Arctic Grey leverages GitHub for flawless version control, ensuring every code change in your Shopify store is meticulously tracked and managed, preventing conflicts and errors.

By integrating Monday.com for project management, we streamline workflows and enhance team collaboration, guaranteeing projects are executed efficiently and on time.

Build a New
Shopify Store

Try before you buy Shopify design & development. We will create a fully functional custom front page concept design of your new Shopify website, and we won't charge you a single cent.

Complete Shopify Tasks Quickly with Bulk Hours

Get an award-winning Shopify design & development team to work on your Shopify site, on-demand and at your fingertips, when you need them most.

Seamless Migration to Shopify: Your Store’s Next Destination

Transition effortlessly with Arctic Grey’s specialized business migration services for D2C, B2B, Wholesale, and Point of Sale (POS). Start your risk-free, try-before-you-buy migration experience with a fully functional demo of your store on Shopify.

Which platform are you migrating from to Shopify?

We want to make sure you're matched with a team that has experience working with your current platform.

Shopify Audits

This UX & UI Audit Package is designed to target the most essential pages pertaining to overall sales, and enhance overall user experience, to improve conversion rates (CRO), increase average order value (AOV), and grow customer lifetime value (CLV).

Speed Plus Shopify Optimizations

Faster sites are statistically proven to have better conversion rates, which generally means more sales. Just a 1-Second Faster Load Time Can Increase Conversions by 7%. Get faster speeds for more sales and fewer lost visitors.

🎮 Gamify Your
Cart Drawer

Arctic Grey introduces an innovative, fully customizable cart drawer for Shopify stores that enhances user experience and maximizes sales. This solution allows for seamless editing via the Shopify Editor without any coding required, making it accessible for all users.

Top ERP Systems

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Known for its integration capabilities and adaptability, it's particularly beneficial for businesses seeking a comprehensive and flexible ERP solution​.


Offers robust functionalities for large enterprises, making it a leader in the ERP market, especially for businesses needing advanced management capabilities​.


The best choice for inventory management, particularly for small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses.

Odoo ERP

companies looking for a budget-friendly ERP that offers a wide range of applications through a modular system.

SAP Business One

Ideal for growing companies, providing comprehensive features that support scaling operations.


Known for offering the best value ERP, it is a favorable option for businesses seeking cost-effective solutions​.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

Regarded as the best all-around ERP software, well-suited for a wide range of business sizes and industries.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Recognized for excellent user experience, this cloud-based ERP provides great adaptability and customization options​.

Sage Intacct

Highly recommended for its strong accounting features, suitable for businesses that prioritize financial management​.


Epicor ERP is designed to help businesses streamline finance, manufacturing, supply chain, and customer relations operations, in a single system.

Shopify B2B Solutions

Shopify B2B & Wholesale Solutions

There are several reasons you should utilize B2B on Shopify to leverage your operations.

Increased sales

B2B on Shopify allows you to create a dedicated wholesale storefront for your B2B customers. This storefront can be customized to meet the specific needs of your wholesale customers, such as providing custom pricing and discounts, and allowing them to place orders in bulk.

Integrate with your systems

Enhanced Functionality

Designed for B2B buying

B2B and DTC, in one place

B2B on Shopify

Built-in features for everything B2B & Wholesale

Company profiles

Manage wholesale customers with ease by representing multiple buyers and locations with unique payment terms and user permissions.

New Feature

product publishing

Give your wholesale customers a curated buying experience by assigning product catalogs to specific buyers or locations.

Personalized B2B store

Create a unique buying experience for each customer by using Liquid to customize your store themes, email templates, and branding.

Quantity rules

Create custom rules for products and variants, such as minimum and maximum quantities, case packs, and increments.

Price lists

Easily set customer-specific prices and assign them directly to the company profile, without the need for tags or apps.

Net payment terms

Automatically assign payment terms to orders and track their due dates in the admin.

New Feature

Company metafields

Add custom data fields to companies and locations to optimize your order process.

Easy reordering

Encourage recurring sales by making it easy for customers to reorder their favorite products on a regular basis.

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